Winter activities

Tour skating facilities are excellent on the lakes nearby and cross-country skiing tracks are abundant. 

The downhill skiing center "Ruunarinteet" is about an hour's drive (52km) away . The center has six slopes, of which 4 are lit. Difference in altitude 85m, hillside lengths 200-630 m. The slopes are suitable for beginners and children. There's even a short black slope for a more advanced skier.

Villa at Punkaharju
Skiing at Punkaharju


You can angle with a rod and line in the summer time or jig thru a hole in the ice in the winter time without any special permission. Everyman's right includes the right to fish free of charge.

Fishing with a reel and lure, fly fishing, using nets or fish-traps, or fishing for crayfish has different rules and requires permission and fees.

For the local water owners permission please contact: Mr. Jouko Saukkonen, Paljakanvuorentie 316, 59310 Särkisalmi, mobile phone: 050 5854012

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Holiday villa at Punkaharju
Enjoy fishing

Do you enjoy active time or rather get relaxed in peace and quiet by the lakeshore?

Vacation in the Finnish lake district could be peaceful relaxation in the nearhood of your vacation home sunbathing or sitting by the open fireplace. In case you want some new experiences and need a little change familiarize yourself with the local supply.... Golfing, opera, horseback riding...

Culture in Savonlinna Opera Festival 

Golfing in Kerigolf 


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